Welcome to hall of legends

Welcome to the Hall of Legends, people that will be listed here, not only have they been loyal but have also left great imprint on the guild progress and ranking over the course of time as well as contributing large efforts to the growth of the community and structure, therefore Nephilims will honor them by keeping their memory noted down here for everyone to see and recognize.

Some players will have a personality trait section for humor purpose which may or may not reflect who they really are, therefore we leave it up to you to confirm that yourself by reaching out to these Legends.

Name: Teek

Main Class: Warlock

Date Joined: 17 December 2020

Facts: One of the early founders.

Notes: One of the very few players that demonstrated top pvp skills as well top Mythic raiding skills, formed main role in Team frost back at the Launch of Shadowlands and continued up until the Guild has reached Cutting Edge.

Personality traits: May sound sarcastic or rude if you ask for help, but ends up being the first one to turn up to assist you when the shit gets real.

Name: Koronios

Main Class: Death Knight

Date Joined: 15 December 2020

Facts: One of the early founders and has been a part of the first Generation of Team fire, currently leading the third generation of the same team.

Notes: Koronios has been a pillar of leadership who will intervene when things get out of hand to keep peace and settle debates, his wisdom and open mind has led to his continued development to become one of the most experienced raid leaders.

Personality traits: Mumble things to himself continuously and wears heaps of arm ornaments and trinkets.

Name: John

Main Class: Death Knight

Date Joined: 11 December 2020

Facts: One of the early founders Notes: John was the leader of the first generation of team frost, putting the first foundations of the team and leaving wow due to work commitment, only to return back and lead the second generation of team earth and set another strong foundation for them.

Personality traits: Extreme perfectionist to the point that if you wait till he is ready, you will wait till the rest of your life...

Name: Fernado

Main Class: Hunter

Date Joined: 11 December 2020

Facts: One of the early founders and has been a part of the first Generation of Team fire, has been the most favored player by most players due to his great personality and helpful attitude towards everyone, Fernado took over raid leading for team Fire and continued the team's momentum with remarkable raid leading commitment until the team has reached the final mythic boss in Castle Nathria, his efforts contributed largely to the final achievement of cutting edge in Nephilims. Fernado was a great believer in player's potential based on their mindset and attitude before anything else.

Notes: Fernado is also known as the Kalamari King, and has been the first person to educate everyone about to proper use of the word "Malaka".

Personality traits: Extreme shyness while talking to others.

Name: Lucifire

Main Class: Shaman


Facts: The first founder of Nephilim, always aims to empowers players to become leaders and always gives a chance to players to improve and prove themselves before making any judgement about their performance, loyalty and commitment were the foundation of his resolve when he was building Nephilims and continues to be until this day.

Notes: Luci has gained popularity with his "Restaurant story" going back to spending a whole day on discord giving 1 to 1 pep talks to raiders teaching them that respecting raid times is just like respecting restaurant table booking time where both have to be attended on time, the story example was repeated at least 10 times that day to the point this turned in to a meme later in the guild where if someone is about to be disciplined in a 1 to 1 chat meant that he is about to hear the "Restaurant story".

Personality traits: Hesitates to eat in front of others due to his unhealthy obsession with children snacks.

Name: Gudrun (AKA Indian of the rain)

Main Class: Warrior

Date Joined: 15 December 2020

Facts: One of the very first founders of team fire, highly skilled healer with huge passion for achievement hunting as well as being one of the main contributors to set the high standard of healing in Nephilim.

Notes: Gudrun has insane passion and love for Goats, their milk and cheese, if you start discussing it with him, expect some goat talk for hours.

Personality traits: Has faith in powerful/legendary animals (werewolves, vampires, mermaids, unicorns, and so forth.) but primarily goats...

Name: Tresbonne

Main Class: Druid

Date Joined: 11 December 2020

Facts: Tesbonne joined as a level 50 social and throughout the start of his journey he rapidly developed until he turned to become the living proof that you can turn a player from being a casual or social to become a fully capable raid leader, he managed to take team earth from scratch and ended up creating an amazing contribution within the community.

Notes: Used to hang around discord for a long time on his own, until he gained a large popularity that later anyone would jump in whenever they see him hanging there.

Personality traits: Used to be a Chef in real life and has some amazing cooking skills which have been shown in the food section, also when eating out, dependably cleans up the table, lines up the flatware, and resets the sauces.

Name: Thundria

Main Class: Paladin

Date Joined: 07 January 2021

Facts: Thundria is a very loyal player towards any team he joins, his dedication was shown throughout the guild to show the kind of player he is, he started Co raid leading with Tresbonne on Team Earth leading and building the first generation and later he moved to team Fire as a main tank.

Notes: Has a sarcastic provocative tone when you let him win any form of competition, but deep down he is very nice and always helpful to his team mates.

Personality traits: His Ego can grow so big at times it can end up hitting him back in the face.

Name: Patrozzo

Main Class: Shaman

Date Joined: 18 Jan 2021

Facts: Patrozzo is another living example for a player who joined as a social raider proving that he could elevate his skills to Mythic raiding, not only that but he has also proven a very strong resolve and commitment to his team that he ended up rebuilding the third generation of team frost when the team has lost nearly %70 of its core members, additionally he took over the responsibility of raid leading the team and keeping momentum.

Notes: Patrozzo is originally from Italy, and also known as Uncle Patrozzo, loved by everyone and always offering help where needed.

Personality traits: Used to be a part of the Largest Mafia network in Italy back in 1979.

Name: Sarda

Main Class: Demon Hunter

Date Joined: 17 December 2020

Facts: Sarda is yet another prime example for a player who joined to prove herself and demonstrate that she can compete on a cutting edge team, she was a part of team Nephilims back in 9.0; further on she continued to develop and work on her leadership skills and managed to become a part of the Leadership team for team frost and heavily contributing to the team's success along with the other leaders on the team.

Notes: Sarda has a great confidence in herself and her team, she may sound bossy at times, and interrupting her during communication could prove as difficult as trying to get a mythic boss down, but eventually everyone gets to see past that to see the great side of her personality and great commitment and loyalty she has towards Nephilims and her team.

Personality traits: Keeps 2 massive hounds in her cave, sometimes you could hear some roars in the background that may give you a heart attack but do not worry, it is only them playing.

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