More About Us

We have gone past a simple raiding group or a bunch of players who are looking for some gear and content progression, for us the journey is what really count whether we get to the destination or not.

If your objective is seeking the perfect raiding environment then we would suggest you seek another guild as there are plenty of guilds out there that are purely suited for those who are seeking pure content and gear progression.

In Nephilim, we struggle, we fight, we wipe, but the one thing that sets us apart from the rest is that we never give up, this was the very same reason we cleared content all the way to Cutting Edge previously.

We did not clear and overcome any challenges because we obtained better players or recycle players with one another, but rather because we never give up, and this is the real reason behind our success, believing in our players and having faith in them.

We believe in social progression before game progression simply because we have had people come with small experience but a great commitment where we had them join us on the journey to becoming cutting edge players, this does not come easily, but with their commitment and the guts to never give up, we have made great players out of them.

As a result of our mindset priorities we ended up being closer to each other than most other guilds who tend to gather only around expansions, events or peak game periods in general.

If you join us, we expect you to inhibit this mindset, and we would only treat you like a member of our family as you continue to progress socially through our ranks.

Skillset is something we do not take lightly, and as a result of that once a player has shown the mindset and the commitment we have, the time for the real test begins where we evalulate each and every player based on 4 factors in the raid environment, and these are.

Attitude : Once you join the team, you may be placed in an imperfect environment, however your attitude and contributions in bad situations will be closely observed to determine whether you are a team player who can be a part of the solution or a part of the problem, your appreciation of others regardless of their skillset is like a positive karma that gets passed down, the moment other players surpass you they will also extend a hand and support you, therefore we expect you to do the same when you join in.

Resilience : Mythic raiding can be challenging, it has no place for people who get tilted or rage quit, the only type of players we have are those with extreme resilience and relentless will power, therefore we expect you to have faith in yourself and your teammates and never let the thought of giving up cross your mind.

Preparation : Every encounter needs to be prepared for beforehand, bringing your most suited talent choices, consumables and gear setup is always observed and expected, coming to the raid or any event we hold unprepared will be frowned upon, small things such as forgetting your consumables last minute before the raid starts and suddenly teleporting outside to grab it is acceptable once but your commitment will be questioned if this gets repeated.

Performance : Each encounter has an average balance of mechanics, and for us staying alive is what counts, not topping the meters, and the way we analyze logs goes beyond checking meters and parses, but instead we will watch your movement and behavior throughout the raid, whether it was in support of the raid team or purely for your own gains, therefore we expect you to focus on the mechanic and the mechanic only, your numbers will only matter if we reach an enrage timer, other than that we need you to think and act as a part of the pack, not a lone wolf.

Discussion with raid leaders about the raid

Please keep in mind that raid leaders prepare before the raid and analyze the fight after the raid, so scheduling a time to discuss any raid-related issues on a non-raiding day/weekend day will allow you more time to talk and will result in a more valuable resolution.

Analyze the Logs

Raid leaders will always use Warcraft logs to analyze fights, but if you want to get a sense of your own personal performance, we strongly advise you to use wipefest, which will give you more insight into your full gameplay performance with more relevant and useful information than the pure dps parses shown on Warcraft logs, which only reflect damage uptime performance and do not take mechanic performance into account.

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